Kate, Pete hold hands in LA

KATE Beckinsale and Pete Davidson have been spotted holding hands in Los Angeles, less than one month after they were first seen together at a Golden Globes party.

The 45-year-old actress and the 25-year-old comedian have been the subject of dating speculation ever since they were spotted together earlier this year and they appeared to confirm the romance by holding hands after his comedy gig in LA on Friday.

Kate showed up at Largo at the Coronet to support Pete and the pair left together in a waiting car before making their way to Pete’s hotel.

They were first spotted together at a Netflix Golden Globes party last month, where they “were flirting all night” before they left together.

Pete has been single since his engagement to Ariana Grande ended last year, while Kate’s 12-year marriage to Len Wiseman ended in 2016. – BANG!