Kate Beckinsale marks father’s death anniversary

KATE Beckinsale has marked the death of her father, after he passed away when she was just five years.

The 45-year-old actress tragically lost her father, actor and comedian Richard Beckinsale, when he died of a heart attack in his sleep at the age of 35 when Kate was just a child.

And on Tuesday, the Underworld star took to social media to mark the 40th anniversary of Richard’s passing with a touching tribute.

Posting on Instagram, Kate wrote, “40 years is a lot of missing. Thank you so much to everyone who has been kind. Lots of love xx #march19 (sic).”

Kate often posts on social media on the anniversary of her father’s passing, and two years ago she revealed her dad’s best friend had been sending her flowers every year since Richard’s death.

She wrote, “My dad’s best friend has sent my mother and me flowers on the day he died every single year since.

“He has been sending flowers for more years than my dad lived. It’s today (Tuesday). With love and awe at humans rescuing other humans, and that love really does never die, thank you … and love to everyone who is missing someone.”

The Total Recall actress also previously dubbed her father’s death as a “terrible loss”, and said it was “weird” for her to cope with at such a young age.

In 2013, she said, “It was a terrible loss. It’s so weird as a five-year-old to look out in the street and see people reading the paper and crying while you’re crying and your mother is crying and your grandmother’s crying.

“Even though it was the worst loss that I have experienced, I was able to share it with people who genuinely, even if they didn’t know him, really seemed to love him.

“I feel not many people are in that position – to have lost somebody and also to feel like that’s something really relevant to other people.” – BANG!