Kaspersky acquires Nexway to increase online sales channel

BERNAMA – Kaspersky has acquired a stake in Nexway, a leading e-commerce and payment platform, to strengthen its position and increase opportunities for the company’s online sales channel.

In a statement, Nexway said it will remain a separate entity, managed by its current leadership team in accordance with the European rules and regulations, with Kaspersky’s advisory board to support with strategic guidance. Thus, it said this will help the company to achieve further success in the growth of its customer base, expanding its product portfolio and improving the quality of the services provided.

“As a company focussed on digital sales, it is important for us to develop and strengthen our e-commerce strategy. This is why, together with Nexway, we decided to unite our efforts and work in the direction of further developing the e-commerce platform for security solutions.

“As the platform on Nexway will continue to operate in its current form, we hope existing and other new vendors will join us in this strive to offer the best possible deals for customers looking for a high-quality security software,” said Kaspersky Chief Business Officer Alexander Moiseev.