Kampong Sungai Orok residents voice concerns over floods

Lyna Mohamad

Several residents of Kampong Sungai Orok in Salambigar voiced their concerns and frustrations about the flash floods which hit 50 houses in the village last Tuesday.

One woman, who is an officer at the Ministry of Education, said, “I’ve not been able to get enough insurance to cover the damages to my home.

“With our money issues, it will be difficult to bear the costs of repair, and I am worried that more heavy rain could lead to another flooding incident.”

Another resident, who is also a government employee, said, “We have a WhatsApp group for the residents here, one of whom called the Fire and Rescue Department, but was told that this was not under their jurisdiction.

“In the end, we contacted the Darussalam line 123. The operator taking the call told us to wait. We waited for about two hours, but no-one got back to us.”

The residents also complained that apart from a visit from the village head, there was hardly any interest regarding their situation.

Some also spoke about feeling sidelined when only Kampong Menglait and Kampong Burung Pingai Berakas were mentioned as the worst-hit areas by the flash floods.

The flooding in Kampong Sungai Orok is said to have been caused by deposits of mud and debris from the main river, causing a blockage in the village’s drainage system during last Monday’s continuous rainfall.

Living room of a flood-hit home in Kampong Sungai Orok
ABOVE & BELOW: Popping tiles caused by floods; and water stains left by the recent flood. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD