K-pop star Kang Daniel shares harrowing bullying experience

THE STAR – South Korean singer Kang Daniel recalls being a victim of bullying
back in school.

The 24-year-old was a guest on variety programme Problem Child In House.

“During elementary school, I changed schools a lot, and I was bullied quite a lot,” he told the show’s hosts.

Kang said there was no particular reason for the bullying: “I don’t know either. I guess they didn’t like the way I looked.”

The former Wanna One member described the worst bullying episode. “The older kids took my money a lot. And I got beat up every time the bullies saw me.

“It’s a game for them and they brag about it with their friends.”

Asked if his bullies ever apologised to him, he replied: “They won’t even remember. The perpetrators rarely remember.”

Kang’s revelation is taking place amid the bullying scandal rocking South Korea’s entertainment industry, where K-pop stars and actors are being accused of bullying their former classmates when they were young.

South Korean singer Kang Daniel. PHOTO: THE STAR