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K-art’s international ascent, Art Token teams up with Anicube

ANN/THE KOREA HERALD – Art Token, a non-fungible token platform company, announced on Monday its new collaboration with Anicube Entertainment, a music metaverse platform company. This partnership aims to spearhead the worldwide expansion of Korean digital art content.

The latest partnership was inked at Art Token’s headquarters in Gangnam, southern Seoul earlier last week, with top executives including Art Token CEO Hong Ji-sook and Anicube Content Market Business Head Lee Cheol-jae in attendance.

Under the agreement, Art Token aims to utilise diverse intellectual property rights owned by Anicube and its globally popular K-pop artists by integrating them with its advanced blockchain and NFT technologies.

Key aspects of the agreement include cooperation to enable one-source multi-use of Anicube’s creative content including Anibear, and provision of Art Token’s Web3 Art NFT platform, 2R2 and NFT studio.

“The main objective of this strategic partnership is not the expansion of sales and commercialisation of our intellectual properties,” Anicube’s Lee explained. “Instead, it lies in the advanced digitalisation of our existing IPs by utilising Art Token’s various technological expertise in the field of blockchain and NFTs.”

Additionally, the two will cooperate to host various joint exhibitions and events in both online and offline spaces by utilising Anicube’s metaverse platforms and leveraging its presence on The Sandbox.

“Riding on booming Korean soft power on the global stage, we believe that the latest partnership will offer new momentum for the diversification and expansion of creative content through the fusion of K-pop culture and K-art,” said Art Token’s CEO Hong.

“The collaboration with Anicube will also provide an invaluable opportunity for the mass adoption of our NFT and blockchain technologies,” she added.

Art Token CEO Hong Ji-sook (right) inks a partnership with Anicube Entertainment to expand its blockchain-based business and creative content at its headquarters in Gangnam, Southern Seoul on September 12. PHOTO: ANN/THE KOREA HERALD SOURCE
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