JPKE’s response to ‘Fish prices need to be monitored by authorities’

THE Prime Minister’s Office through the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) as the agency responsible for the enforcement of the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, would like to respond to the letter titled ‘Fish prices need to be monitored by authorities’ written by ‘Anak Mat Brahim’ published in the Opinion page of Borneo Bulletin on June 23.

JPKE would like to clarify that fresh fish is not included in the scope of the Price Control Act, Chapter 142.

Under the Price Control Act, Chapter 142, 22 items are listed as price-controlled items including essentials such as cooking oil, formulated powdered milk, passenger motor vehicles, as well as subsidised items such as rice and motor gasoline.

The prices of fish are subject to the season, weather conditions as well as demand and supply in the market.

Nevertheless, JPKE may conduct administrative inquiries should there be any complaints related to consumer protection matters under the scope of the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Order 2011.

This may include inconsistent charges during the transaction or misleading information, to name a few.

JPKE would like to highlight that consumer complaints must be lodged through formal channels and provided with sufficient facts and information to enable inquiries to be conducted.

The channels provided for this purpose are as follows:

• Feedback section in ‘SmartConsumer’ mobile application

• Telephone: 2230223 (during office hours)

• Email:

• Walk-in:

Room 3.06, Level 3, West Wing, Department of Economic Planning and Development, Block 2A, Ong Sum Ping Road, BA1131, Brunei Darussalam.

Following this, to ensure consumer welfare is upheld, JPKE will take necessary actions to conduct inspections to ensure price tags are being displayed clearly in business premises including fish markets to prevent unethical practices by sellers such as increasing prices inconsistently, as prescribed under the Price Control (Display of Prices) Order.

JPKE would like to advise members of the public including related vendors who have any queries related to price controlled goods and consumer protection matters to contact the Department directly through the channels as listed above.

– Department of Economic Planning and Development, Prime Minister’s Office