JPD services to resume with drop-off system

Lyna Mohamad

The Land Transport Department (JPD) announced the resumption of several of its services, to be done in stages, which will adopt a QueUp booking and drive-through method to drop off applications.

Services at the JPD headquarters in Beribi will resume next Wednesday.

The services will include the holding of vehicle registration number; hand over of vehicle registration number; change in ownership; loan and cease loan; non-used, close tender for the vehicle registration number; licensing of commercial vehicle and public transportation, cross border vehicle permit and government vehicles.

Currently, applications that have completed the process will be returned to applicants through speed post services. Resumption of other JPD branches will be announced at a later date.

JPD stressed that the drop services through drive-through will only be provided to applicants who have booked via the QueUp application. Walk-ins and other applications are not accepted for the time being.

The operating hours for the drive-through drop service have been set from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 8.15am to 1pm, excluding public holidays.

Applicants with a booking slot are required to fill in the forms and enclose supporting documents. Online payment must be made through Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) before the application is submitted.

Applicants are urged to observe the instructions given by the staff on duty and to adhere to the drive-through standard operating procedures that include wearing a face mask, only a driver and one passenger is allowed in the car during the drop off, and applicants are not allowed to leave their vehicle during the process.

A video on the drop service procedures is accessible on

Meanwhile, closed tender for special vehicle registration will be open to the public on October 20, closing on November 23, 2021. Interested parties must fill in the form, observe the tender regulations, and place the completed form in an envelope before submitting it through the drop service.

A minimal fee and non-refundable participating and services fees will be levied on the special vehicle number tender.

The minimal fees for one digit vehicle number is BND5,000, with a BND1,000 non-refundable participating fee.