JPD issues stern warning to errand heavy vehicle operators

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE Land Transport Department (JPD) issued a stern warning to logistics and transportation companies and drivers and urged them to be more responsible and not to violate road traffic law, especially involving heavy vehicles.

The warning was made during the JPD enforcement operation held last Sunday at Muara-Tutong Highway and Jalan Muara.In the operation, 16 fines were issued out of which, seven fines were issued under offences of carrying excessive load. The companies were Damit dan Rakan Rakan with one fine involving the driver Partap Singh; Syarikat Watiqah (one fine) involving the driver Harjito; DSHA Trading (three fines) involving drivers, Budi Santoso; Suliyono bin Slamet and Onggie; Malawaring Enterprise (one fine) involving Hasbibullah and Pahaytc Sdn Bhd (one fine) involving the driver Wediono. In 2017, for offences of carrying excessive loads – an offence under regulation 161 of the road traffic, 224 fines have been issued to drivers involved.

Out of 224 fines, 133 or 60 per cent were offences carried out at Serasa area involving 33 companies. Other areas include Muara-Tutong highway, Tutong-Telisai Highway and Jalan Tutong in Kampong Madewa area. From the 33 companies committing offences in Serasa area, seven companies were regularly recorded with offences. The companies include Soon Lee Heavy Machinery and Construction, with 21 fines; Qstone Sdn Bhd (18); Foundation Contractor (15); Pahaytc Sdn Bhd (eight); Surati Construction Sdn Bhd (eight); Encore Sdn Bhd (seven); and TianTeng Forwarding with seven fines. A final warning has been issued to these companies and if found repeating the offence, the department and other enforcement agencies will take decisive action against drivers who fail to comply with the Road Traffic Act and Regulations

This includes suspending / revoking driving licences, vehicle licences and company permits in accordance with procedures and laws in force at this time.