JPD issued 145 fines in January

Azlan Othman

In January, 145 fines were issued to 99 drivers, the Land Transport Department (JPD) said yesterday.

Out of the total number, 100 fines were imposed on 66 people driving heavy and commercial vehicles, while 45 compound fines were handed out to 33 personal vehicle drivers.

In its efforts to improve the safety and well-being of road users, JPD has been carrying out monitoring and checks on private vehicle drivers, public transportation, freight vehicles, and heavy vehicles, in collaboration with the Traffic Control and Investigation Department (JSKLL) of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

The January statistics showed eight offences committed by personal vehicle owners, in violation of the traffic rules and regulations under Regulation 3; two seatbelt offences implicating the vehicle driver or front passenger, in violation of Regulation 8(1); and two offences involving vehicles fitted with tinted windows, plastic shades or dark curtains without any prior approval, in violation of Regulation 18.

In the same period, 20 offences were recorded for driving an unsafe vehicle, in violation of Regulation 26; one for endangering other road users through ineffective load securing, in violation of Regulation 27; and two involving structurally inappropriate vehicles used for other purposes and posing a risk to others, in violation of Regulation 28.

A truck carrying excessive loads

Five offences were recorded for driving a vehicle with bald or worn out tyres, in contravention of Regulation 31; three for deafening car exhausts, in violation of Regulation 33; and two for installing coloured lights on the front of the vehicle, in contravention of Regulation 109.

The drivers caught committing the offences were Muslih, from Syarikat Haji Mohd Idris bin Haji Md Said, who was fined BND50; Vijayakumar Rethinam, from Sitthi Trading Sdn Bhd (BND50); Takim, from Ex’cel Good Link Services (BND50); and Sawon, from Syarikat Watiqah Ahza (BND300).

Others included Mat Daud bin Sitin, from DSHA Trading (BND300); Satiyo, from Syarikat QStone Sdn Bhd (BND50); Tarmuji, from Tian Teng Forwarding Sdn Bhd (BND150); Gurpreet Singh Randhawa from Syarikat Dayang Siahdan Anak-Anak (BND50); Md Noor Hafizuddin bin Roslan, from Readymix Concrete (B) Sdn Bhd (BND500); Tentrem Antoko, from Manria Sdn Bhd (BND300); Hadi Nursalam from Foundation Contractor and Engineering (BND300); Md Ridwan Sahsukirno from RBD Enterprise (BND300); James bin Rining from Syarikat Watiqah Ahza (BND50); Tri Waluya Nugraha from Syarikat Pemborong Deyan (BND50); Doni Heru Prasetio from Tian Teng Forwarding Sdn Bhd (BND50); Anas Yusuf, from Syarikat Ampuan Haji Salleh bin Ampuan Haji Judah & Anak-Anak (BND500); Sugeng Widodo, from Readymix Concrete (B) Sdn Bhd (BND500); Arif Basuki, from Readymix Concrete (B) Sdn Bhd (BND50); and Sawon, from Syarikat Watiqah Ahza (BND500).

JPD also warned that anyone found driving an overloaded vehicle in violation of Regulation 161, Road Traffic Regulations Chapter 68, may be subjected to a compound fine of BND50 for first-time offences, BND150 for second-time offences, BND300 for third-time offences, BND500 for fourth-time offences and a possible conviction for subsequent offences.

Owners of commercial vehicles for public transport and goods are also advised to make sure that their company drivers conform to road traffic rules and regulations.

To report road traffic offences, contact the Darussalam hotline at 123 or through WhatsApp at 8333123. Alternatively, the public may log onto the Darussalam website at, to submit photographs of the vehicle involved.