JPD calls to use high-quality materials for registration plates

Rokiah Mahmud

The Land Transport Department (JPD) under the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications (MTIC) is seeking the cooperation of accredited companies appointed in the manufacture, supply and installation of vehicle registration plates with small-sized figures and letters, according to the specifications which came into force in 2011.

The accredited companies or representatives are required to use high-quality materials, to ensure the durability of the white colour used for the letters and numbers.

In a press conference at the JPD headquarters in Beribi yesterday, JPD Acting Director Md Aizam bin Haji Abdul Hamid said, “Members of the public are urged to have their vehicle registration plates made by these accredited companies, and to replace their faded vehicle registration plates.

“At this point, JPD has appointed six companies for the manufacture, supply and installation of small-sized vehicle registration plates. They are: BKB Sdn Bhd (BKB), Hock Motor Company (HMC), Syarikat Shalim (B) Sdn Bhd (SSB), Bayu Ilham Motors Sdn Bhd (BIM), CKM Transportation Services (CKM) and New Zen View Company (ZEN).”

Faded plate numbers. PHOTO: JPD

“Several businesses have been appointed as representatives for the accredited companies. Representing ZEN are Tat Lee Company, Hook Siong Hin Sdn Bhd and Ban Lee Hua.

“BKB is represented by MNP Enterprise, Kah Huat & Brothers Workshop, Roshjaya Motor Sdn Bhd, Systemair Enterprise and Seng Hoe Huat.”

The JPD Acting Director said, “The replacement of faded vehicle plates that are still under warranty will be free of charge.

“This is one of the efforts being undertaken by JPD, in carrying out its social responsibility. At the same time, special discounts are being offered by these accredited companies for a period of three months, starting from January 1 to March 30, 2021.

“Bayu Ilham Motors Sdn Bhd, Seng Hoe Huat, New Zen View Co and Hock Sing are all offering a 20 per cent discount; Ban Lee Hua Co Sdn Bhd a 33 per cent discount; CKM Transportation a 50 per cent discount; and Hock Motor Sdn Bhd BND15, to replace faded vehicle registration plates.” Meanwhile, JPD is setting up an action team to carry out studies on faded plates. The team will also conduct technical tests, so that vehicle registration plates will meet the required specifications.

JPD will take action to terminate or suspend any company which does not adhere to the regulations in the manufacture, supply and installation of vehicle registration plates according to the required specifications.

According to the Road Traffic Act Chapter 68, Road Traffic (Identification Marks), Regulations, 2008, “Every letter and figure shall be 65 millimetres high; every part of every letter and figure shall be 10 millimetres broad; and the total width of the space taken by each letter and figure shall be 45 millimetres, except for the figure one, which shall be 28 millimetres wide.

“Every plate shall be made of aluminium and the identification mark shall be embossed thereon. The ground of the plate shall be black and the identification markings shall be white, and shall conform to the diagrams in the schedule.”