Jordan PM hints at support for one Israeli-Palestinian state

JERUSALEM (AP) — Jordan’s Prime Minister said the kingdom would look “positively” on the creation of a binational state that guarantees equal rights to Israelis and Palestinians if Israel’s proposed annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank closes the door on a two-state solution.

The international community and the Palestinian leadership remain committed to a two-state solution to the decades-old conflict.

“You close the door to the two-state solution, I could very well look at this positively, if we’re clearly opening the door to a one-state democratic solution,” Jordan’s Prime Minister Omar Razzaz told the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper on Tuesday.

“But nobody in Israel is talking about that. They’re talking about apartheid in every single sense,” he added.

“I challenge anybody from Israel to say yes, let’s end the two-state solution, it’s not viable,” he said.

“But let’s work together on a one-state democratic solution. That, I think, we will look at very favourably.”