Jonas Blue wants to get fit

JONAS Blue wants to get fit in 2019.

The 29-year-old DJ’s New Year’s resolution for the coming year is to stick to a fitness regime and the Rise hitmaker is “excited” to get back into training as he’s not been able to fully commit to exercise while touring.

When asked what his resolution was, he told BANG Showbiz, “What am I going to do? Going to be training a lot, hopefully back in the gym, January and February, which I’m excited about, being on tour is not good for that, and just lots more music next year. “

The Fast Car hitmaker finds travelling tiring, and although one of his most taxing trips involved jetting from a performance in Japan to one in Ibiza in just one day but he still believes his residency on the Spanish party island is fulfilling another of his goals.

He said, “It is very tiring, honestly a lot of airports, a lot of hotels, a lot of cars. I think one of the craziest trips we did this year was Ultra Japan on the Saturday to get back to Ibiza on the Sunday at my residency, that was 29 hours of travelling. And then Ibiza residency for next year that will be a resolution.” – BANG!