Joint venture opens more travel destinations

KOREAN Air recently inked joint venture partnership with American air carrier Delta Air Lines that will open up new opportunities for customers in the trans-Pacific market.

Manager Kelvin Goh represented Grace Travel Agency as local Korean Air General Service Agent (GSA-offline) since January 2018, at the event.

Through this agreement, Bruneians will have more travel access to destinations in the USA via Delta Air Lines.

Kelvin Goh said, “We anticipate that these refinements from the Korean Air – Delta Air Lines joint venture will allow us to enhance our customer experience, as well as make travelling much more convenient.”

The new joint venture is built on nearly two decades of a close partnership between Korean Air and Delta Air Lines. Both airlines are founding members of the SkyTeam alliance, making way this new joint venture’s foundation to be concrete and strong.

The partnership will introduce full reciprocal code sharing across each other’s networks and will provide their clients with access to more than 290 destinations in the United States (US) and more than 80 in Asia. This allows both airlines to share both the costs and revenues on flights and coordinate schedules for seamless, convenient connections. The joint venture will also offer an improved reciprocal loyalty programme where members of Korean Air’s Skypass and Delta Air Lines’ SkyMiles frequent flyer programmes will be provided with new avenues for accruing miles through the airlines’ full code-sharing reciprocity.

Transit schedules will also be optimised to become more efficient with the relocation of both airlines to Incheon Airport’s new Terminal 2 building. This aims to reduce connecting times for customers and bring more comfort to customers flying between Asia and the US.

Grace Travel Agency Manager Kelvin Goh at the event