Joint op ensures foreign workers’ welfare met

Azlan Othman

Fifteen officers from the Law Enforcement Divisions of the Labour Department, the Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Department and the Brunei-Muara District Office organised a joint operation dubbed ‘Sanggah 128/2020’ at Kampong Sungai Akar and Jalan Kebangsaan Lama recently.

The inspection’s objective was to curb the misuse of the Foreign Workers Licence, and to ensure employers look after workers’ welfare in accordance with the Foreign Workers Licence and the Employment Order 2009.

According to Section 80(a)(b)(c) of the Employment Order 2009, employers are obliged to provide and maintain clean, comfortable and safe lodgings for their employees.

Under Section 81(1)(2) of the Order, the building or residence must comply with the requirements of the law is being maintained and clean, in accordance with the provisions of any other written law.

Failing to comply, the employer may be prosecuted under Section 148, and upon conviction, faces a fine of no more than BND3,000 or imprisonment not exceeding one year or both.

Law enforcement personnel during the inspection. PHOTOS: AZLAN OTHMAN
Rubbish improperly disposed in a public area

Meanwhile, the Law Enforcement Division of the BSB Municipal Department issued a BND200 fine to a company for offences under Section 12(1)(b), in leaving rubbish and discarded items in a public place.

The company has been given seven days to pay the fine, and failure to do so will result in a BND1,000 fine for the first offence.

For the subsequent offence, the penalty is a fine of BND3,000 and imprisonment of no more than three months.

Meanwhile, complaints on the misuse of the Foreign Workers Licence can be relayed to the Labour Department at 2381848 during office hours and at 7298989 after working hours.