Johnny Depp splits from girlfriend

BANG! NEWS – Johnny Depp has reportedly split from his girlfriend, Polina Glen, after she became overwhelmed by the attention their romance attracted.

The 56-year-old actor began romancing Polina Glen earlier this year but the dancer has ended their relationship and returned to her native Russia after becoming overwhelmed by the attention their relationship received.

A source told the Mail newspaper, “Polina hated the attention the relationship was bringing her and found it scary.

“She’s now keeping her head down in Russia and told Johnny plans to get married were madness.” And the 24-year-old beauty felt the Pirates of the Caribbean star was too “distracted” by his ongoing legal battle with ex-wife Amber – who he is suing for defamation over her allegations of domestic abuse – to be fully committed to a relationship.

The insider added, “Despite sneers that Polina was only with Johnny for his fame, she kept her head down while living with him, going to her dance choreography job and then back to his house.

“His level of celebrity and his ongoing battle with Amber grew too much for her. Johnny has been distracted by his feud with Amber and she didn’t think the time was right for them to commit to anything.” Polina is thought to have spent the spring and part of the summer moving between Johnny’s house in California and her homeland but has now returned to Russia “for the foreseeable future”.