John Krasinski grateful to have Emily Blunt on A Quiet Place

JOHN Krasinski was grateful to have Emily Blunt on the set of A Quiet Place.

The 39-year-old actor said his wife was the “best collaborator” he’s ever worked with and it was nice having his spouse around on the set.

He said, “It was unilaterally helpful for me, because I had everything going for me with her. I had someone who could deliver a performance when we were running out of time, running out of budget. She would hit her mark, and hit her performance every single time. I had that. I also had someone that, after she did her scenes, would stay around, and not only be there for me, but be there for the entire cast and crew … She was my best collaborator.”

While Emily added, “I feel the same. I think that we do collaborate really well. It turns out we do work really well together. There were scenes that were certainly traumatic to do … and you can’t help but be upset by some of those scenes when you’re doing them. They creep under your skin before you know it. But I do feel that John and I are able to find levity in most places.”

And John – who directed and starred in the thriller movie – revealed how Emily admitted that this was the first movie where she had the same fears as her character did.

He told Deadline, “When we first started talking about it, Emily said it would be the scariest role she’d ever played. I asked her why. She said, ‘Up until now, every performance has been pretending. Professional pretending. This is the first time I’ve had the same fears as my character’. Not that monsters would come out of the woods to eat the kids, but that thought of, what if I wasn’t there in my kids’ moment of need? It was our biggest fear.” – BANG!