Jog in safer place, don’t do it on highway

I READ the letter ‘Be alert always to avoid accidents’ written by ‘Driver, Bandar’ published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on November 3, 2018.

I agree with what ‘Driver, Bandar’ wrote, however, I feel one of the most dangerous acts in Brunei with potentially disastrous consequences is allowing youths to jog on the highway.

I drive every day from Berakas to Kuala Belait, and often see young Bruneians jogging on the highways only one or two metres from cars travelling at speeds in excess of 100 km/h.

Recently, I also saw a young girl jogging on her own near Tungku at about 7am and thinking how dangerous it was, simply because the chances of being hit are high, and if that happens, the consequences are very likely to be fatal.

I also feel sorry for any driver being exposed to this danger and the consequences for them.

Surely, there are more attractive areas to jog which are so much more safer.

Young Bruneians must not be exposed to such a very dangerous life-threatening situation.

– RA