Jodie Whittaker wants free tickets to Glastonbury music festival

JODIE Whittaker hopes her newfound fame will get her a VIP ticket to Glastonbury music festival next year.

The 36-year-old actress tried once before to get in to the popular UK festival and was turned away, but she’s confident her new role as the beloved titular Time Lord in hit sci-fi show Doctor Who will give her enough prestige to get on the VIP list.

Speaking about the festival – which will feature Kylie Minogue as a headline act in 2019 – Jodie said, “I asked a couple of years ago and I think it was like, ‘Absolutely not. You’re not counted as a VIP’. So I think if being the Doctor can get me anything, I’m like, ‘Please let me’.

“You never know. I’d go every year, but this is the problem with a filming schedule, it doesn’t acknowledge your social life. It’s so rude.”

Jodie has been to Glastonbury before as a teenager, and said that although it was pouring with rain at the time, she was too excited about the weekend to “care”.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, she added, “I did it just before my 16th birthday. My mum and dad were very liberal. Me and my three lad mates from school, we’d just done our final GCSE, got in a coach from Huddersfield and it took about 20 hours.

“It was my birthday, and it topped records of rain, which was great. We were camping on a hill and it was just like a river underneath. But you’re 15. You don’t care where it is.” – BANG!