Joaquin Phoenix thought Rooney Mara ‘despised’ him

BANG! NEWS – Joaquin Phoenix thought Rooney Mara “despised” him when they first met.

The 44-year-old actor met his now-fiancee when they worked on 2013 movie Her and he initially mistook her shyness for a very different feeling.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair magazine, the US publication noted, “He believed Mara despised him during the making of Her but later learned she was just shy and actually liked him too.”

And the Joker star – who also worked with Rooney on Mary Magdalene – admitted the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress is the only woman he’s ever researched online.

He told the outlet, “She’s the only girl I ever looked up on the Internet.

“We were just friends, email friends. I’d never done that. Never looked up a girl online.”