JIS students learn Japanese culture, customs

|    Hakim Hayat   |

A GROUP of Jerudong International School (JIS) students and teachers were hosted by Japanese Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Motohiko Kato at his residence to learn first-hand about Japanese culture and customs, yesterday.

The event was part of an annual week-long programme of enrichment activities held by the school.

The teacher-led programme, supported by the Japanese Embassy in Brunei Darussalam, includes activities designed to expose the students to the language, culture and customs of Japan.

The students were taught how to make traditional Japanese sushi by the ambassador’s personal chef Yamane.

The teacher in charge of the school’s Japanese Enrichment Week Programme, Head of Geography Andy McChullough explained that enrichment week is held in the final week of the school year in JIS.

ABOVE & BELOW: Japanese Ambassador to Brunei Darusslam Motohiko Kato in a group photo with JIS students; and students during the sushi-making session. – PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT

“It offers our students an opportunity to step outside the curriculum and experience something different and exciting. This is the fourth year we run a Japanese Language and Culture activity and we have worked closely with the Japanese Embassy in Brunei Darussalam to create a programme to allow our young people to sample various aspects of the unique Japanese way of life. We hope that these students will feel inspired to develop their interest in Japan and will find ways in the future to forge links between their own communities and the Japanese people,” he added.

According to the students, the visit to the ambassador’s residence in Kampong Sungai Tilong was the highlight of the week’s activities, while Ambassador Kato said that he was very pleased to welcome the students and see their reactions when they experienced making traditional sushi.

Through this week-long programme, the students are expected to deepen their understanding on Japan and promote mutual understanding between Brunei and Japan.

A lecture and demonstration on the Japanese Tea Ceremony by the Japanese Embassy staff also will be delivered for further insights into Japanese culture and tradition. The students also have the opportunity to study Judo, a well-known Japanese traditional martial-arts through a workshop co-organised by Brunei Judo Federation.

Ambassador Kato noted that the Japanese Government will always welcome Bruneian students by organising among others annual youth exchange programmes and providing scholarships in hopes to inculcate further interest in Japan and to build stronger friendship bridges between Brunei and Japan.