Jennifer Lawrence to have ‘family’ wedding

JENNIFER Lawrence’s wedding will be a ‘family affair’.

The 28-year-old actress has been engaged to art dealer Cooke Maroney for three months, and as they begin to plan the details of their special day, it’s been claimed the Hunger Games star wants to keep the ceremony an intimate but “extensive” event for their families.

A source told People magazine, “(Jennifer is a) family girl. I would be surprised if the wedding were not a fairly extensive family affair.”

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed the Red Sparrow actress loves how her fiancé doesn’t treat her like a celebrity.

Another insider said, “He’s a great guy. He’s smart and funny and I think really keeps her on her toes and he doesn’t treat her like a celebrity like the other boyfriends did. He’s definitely the coolest guy she’s dated. (He’s) not affected by Hollywood.”

Jennifer and Cooke’s romance was also described as “like a fairy tale”.

One source said, “When they were introduced last spring, the timing was perfect because they were both single, and just enjoying an evening out with friends. Things couldn’t have worked out any better because they have so much in common and truly hit it off. They both come from close-knit families. Cooke in Vermont and Jennifer in Kentucky and then left and built successful careers. They both love to travel but also just enjoy just being alone together. Jennifer and Cooke’s romance is a bit like a fairy tale. They had an instant attraction the moment they met and we tease them it was love at first sight. They got engaged because they both just knew it was right. They both want their wedding to be in New York mostly because they feel like New York is the place that brought them together and it works for their family and friends.” – BANG!