Jenna Dewan legally drops Tatum name

BANG! NEWS – Jenna Dewan has legally dropped Channing Tatum’s surname from her name, after filing papers in court last week to request the change.

According to People magazine, courts agreed to let her drop Channing’s surname on February 6, just days after she first filed court documents to request her name legally be reverted back to Jenna Dewan.

The news comes after the pair reached an agreement last month over custody of their six-year-old daughter Everly, which will see them share care 50/50 and work out a fair holiday schedule. The former couple also agreed not to feature Everly in “any for-profit posts” on social media, which includes “sponsorships, advertisements, or any social media campaign without the other party’s consent”. However, they are both free to post family pictures whenever they want.

The agreement between the Magic Mike actor and his former spouse came two months after Channing reportedly left Jenna stunned when he asked a judge to draw up a holiday custody schedule for their daughter.

The 39-year-old actor – who recently rekindled his romance with singer Jessie J – submitted paperwork asking for a number of decisions to be made about the care of Everly, including monthly meetings with a therapist to draw up the schedule, arrangements for travelling with her in the United States (US) without consent from the other parent, the use of a website to document information on her health, safety, welfare and education and confirmation that the youngster can be FaceTimed every day by the person she isn’t currently in the care of.

However, it was claimed that Jenna had already signed off on the holiday schedule and there were times when she had asked to change the plans but Channing refused. Sources close to the star argued Jenna had agreed to some of the schedule but not all of it.