Jenna Coleman calls for more great female roles

JENNA Coleman still thinks there are not enough great roles for actresses in television shows and in film.

The former Doctor Who star believes producers are slowly realising viewers are keen to see a “spectrum” of characters, and though progress has been made, she thinks there’s still a long way to go.

Speaking to the Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she said, “I think this year has proved there’s an active interest in seeing a spectrum reflected back at you, rather than a stereotype, and people at the top realising that will sell and that’s what people want. But I do think there’s still a way to go – if you’re not playing the young girl or the mum or the older lady, there’s quite a void in roles for women.”

Despite her own success, the 32-year-old actress – who is in a relationship with her Victoria co-star Tom Hughes – thinks it’s important to take a step back from fame and appreciate some aspects of her life are not “real”.

She said, “I did a world tour with [Doctor Who co-star] Peter Capaldi, which is a hilarious sentence in itself, and we’d turn up in Rio de Janeiro or Mexico and there’d be screaming people. But you have to go into it knowing it’s not real, so you dip in and have this amazing life experience, I think that’s the only healthy way. I don’t think it’s a very normal thing to be on red carpets with photographers – you have to remove yourself a little bit.” – BANG!