Jazzing up the market

Happy Motoring Co Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Honda vehicle in Brunei, officially introduced the fourth Generation Honda Jazz which has been crowned with the 2021 Red Dot winners in the Product Design category of the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most recognisable design awards in the world.

This all-new Honda Jazz made its world debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show and went on sale in Europe and Japan in early 2020. The fourth-generation B-segment hatchback carries the spacious cabin and user-friendliness that the Jazz excels in – Honda said it offers multifaceted “comfort”, a value that cannot be expressed through specs.

The all-New Jazz inherits a spacious cabin and versatile seat configurations that goes beyond what one expects from a compact car. A true embodiment of Honda’s “man maximum, machine minimum” (M/M) concept, it also features plenty of storage areas and cargo capacity. Visibility – already fantastic – was further improved by reducing the thickness of the front pillar to less than half of its former size, without compromising on crashworthiness. The driver’s view out is also helped by a flat dashboard and an unhooded metre panel.

It also boosts a ‘table console’ between the front occupants, front seats that have been re-profiled with a more “body stabilising” design, and rear seats that feature thicker and softer padding for better comfort.

The All-New Jazz is powered by 1.5 DOHC iVTEC which produces a maximum power of 121/6600 (PS/RPM), and comes with six SRS Airbags and eight types of colour.

The public is welcome to take the All-New Jazz for a spin to feel the responsiveness, smoothness and efficiency in the drive.

To jazz up the mood, Happy Motoring is offering a special introductory price.

“We believe this is a recognition of our success in designing our products with the passion to ‘make the daily lives of our customers more enjoyable’, which has been passed down from generation to generation at Honda ever since the establishment of the company. We will continue to follow this unchanging principle and think outside the box to create designs which will provide surprise and excitement in customers’ daily lives,” said the Chief Operating Officer of the design centre at Honda R&D Toshinobu Minami.

Visibility was further improved by reducing the thickness of the front pillar to less than half of its former size. PHOTOS: HAPPY MOTORING
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