Jason Sudeikis gets coronavirus test at Emmys

BANG! NEWS – Jason Sudeikis took a coronavirus test while presenting at the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

The 45-year-old actor was introducing the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series – which as ultimately won by Schitt’s Creek – when a nurse in full protective clothing came out on stage to conduct a swab of both his nostrils. The actor quipped, “We’re just legally obligated to get COVID tests every hour.

“Academy policy. But don’t worry, you won’t even notice she’s here.” The Horrible Bosses star tried to carry on with reading out the shortlist but was too uncomfortable.

He said, “Oh wow, that’s deep. I think you dented my brain.”

Before the nurse left the stage, Jason asked how long it would take to receive his test results, to which he was told three to six weeks. He joked, “Very helpful.”

Earlier in the evening, host Jimmy Kimmel had dubbed the ceremony the “Pand-emmys” and joked his presence was essential to proceedings.

He quipped, “You know what they say, You can’t have a virus without a host.”