Japan’s Narita airport runway closed as plane runs off taxiway

TOKYO (Xinhua) – The Narita airport in east Tokyo closed one of its two runways on Friday after a Japanese plane skidded off the icy taxiway during landing, local media reported.

There were 201 passengers and crew members on board the Japan Airlines plane from Indian capital New Delhi.

No injuries were reported when it touched down shortly before 7am local time (2200 GMT Thursday), according to the airline and the Ministry of Transportation.

The shutdown, which lasted for eight hours, caused chaos to other flights. The runway reopened at 2.50pm local time, the airline said.

Passengers were evacuated from the plane at about 9am local time using landing steps and reached the terminal building by bus.

The airport towed the Boeing 787 plane off the site late at night after all Friday flight schedules were completed to avoid disruption to landings and take-offs.

Japan Airline’s Boeing 787 jet, after the plane skidded off a snow-bound runway at Narita airport in Chiba prefecture. – AFP