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Japan’s Narita Airport features Pokémon murals

NARITA, Chiba (ANN/THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN) – As passengers embark or arrive in Japan’s international arrivals area of Narita Airport Terminal 2 in Chiba Prefecture, new murals and images of Pokémon characters on the walls greet them.

Murals featuring Pokémon characters had already been installed in the corridor between Terminals 2 and 3 and in the departure lobby, but this is the first time for them to appear in the restricted area before passport control.

As of September 22, Narita International Airport Corp (NAA) and the Pokémon Company have installed murals in a 50-metre-long area as part of the “Pokémon Air Adventures” project to connect the world with Pokémon.

“We want visitors to get a feel of Japan, even before they enter the country, through the globally popular Pokémon characters,” NAA said.

Foreign tourists take a picture in front of a mural of the popular Pokémon character Snorlax on September 22 at Narita Airport. PHOTO: ANN/THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN

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