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Japanese tailor scales Mount Kinabalu in a full suit, setting social media abuzz

ANN/THE STAR – Yes, news of a man successfully scaling Mount Kinabalu in a full suit, is true.
Social media platforms have been abuzz with shared postings of the man on top of Mount Kinabalu in a blue tailored suit.

He is Japanese tailor Nobutaka Sada (The Star, pic below), 49, from Tokyo, who managed to reach the summit on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the father of two said he did this to show people how durable and comfortable the Sada-brand suit was.

“Climbing Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia’s highest peak in Borneo, Malaysia with Sada’s order suit!” he said in his post.

Nobutaka shared that Mount Kinabalu, at 4,095 metres in height, is taller than Japan’s Mount Fuji.

“I was able to stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep climb, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain,” he added in his post.

He said he and his friends climbed 2,300 metres in elevation difference in the tropical humidity, and got rained on, but all went well and he managed to still stay stylish and looked his best on top of Low’s Peak (summit).

Nobutaka will share a video of his journey on YouTube under the ‘I tried it with an order suit’ channel.

Nobutaka Sada at the summit of Mount Kinabalu. PHOTO: THE STAR
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