Japanese hid mum’s frozen corpse for 10 years

TOKYO (AFP) – A Japanese woman who said she hid her mother’s corpse in a freezer in her apartment for a decade told police she feared eviction if it was discovered, media reported yesterday.

Police told AFP that Yumi Yoshino, 48, was held “on suspicion of abandoning and hiding a female body” found on Wednesday inside the freezer in a Tokyo apartment.

Yoshino said she hid the body 10 years ago because she “didn’t want to move out” of the home she shared with her mother, after finding her dead, local media reported, citing unnamed police sources.

Photo combo shows the apartment where the corpse was found and police conducting their investigations. AFP

The mother was named on the lease of the apartment in a municipal housing complex, Kyodo News said.

Yoshino had been forced to leave the apartment in mid-January after missing rent payments, the reports said, and a cleaner discovered the body in a freezer hidden in a closet.