Jail for break-in, theft

James Kon

The High Court yesterday handed down prison sentences to two men who were involved in a house break-in.

Adib Sufi bin Mohd Sufi, 31, was ordered to serve 16 months’ imprisonment, while Mohd Zulhaji bin Abdul Ali, 29, was sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment.

According to a statement from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF), both men had broken into a house in Kampong Lambak Kanan on the evening of September 27, through a small door covered by wooden wall. Once inside, they dismantled an Akira air-conditioner, which they later sold to another person for BND30.

The homeowner was made aware of the break-in by a neighbour, who sent a text message to inform that a light in one of the rooms at his house had been switched on.

Air conditioning unit recovered by the police. PHOTO: RBPF