Jada Pinkett Smith only just ‘entering adult relationship’ with Will Smith

BANG! NEWS – Despite being married for the past 23 years, Jada Pinkett Smith said she and husband Will Smith are only “just entering an adult relationship”. Speaking to her mom and co-host Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Chelsea Handler on web talk show Red Table Talk, she said, “I feel that I’m just now entering an adult relationship with Will. After 23 years. We finally are learning to have an adult relationship.”

Prior to Jada’s comment, Chelsea spoke about the anger she felt at losing her brother Chet Handler when she was just nine-years-old and how she has never had a “healthy” long-term relationship. When asked by Jada if her rage had affected her relationships with men, she replied, “Oh yeah. If they didn’t do something wrong, I would make sure they did.

“I’ve had two long-term relationships but I wouldn’t describe either one as healthy.

“I couldn’t forgive anyone. If they crossed the line with me, if they weren’t a loyal friend, if they didn’t’ stick up for me it was like, ‘Out, out, out’. But then eventually it was like, ‘Who is here? Who is left?’

“It’s nice to be an adult for the first time in my life.” She added, “I feel so different than I’ve ever felt before.”