It took 47 years to be happy: Jada Pinkett Smith

JADA Pinkett Smith said it took her 47 years to be happy.

The Magic Mike XXL star admitted it took her nearly five decades to finally feel contented and while it has been a long journey, she is grateful to have reached this point.

She said, “I’m 47 years old and I want you to know that this is probably the first year of my life that I can say that I am happy. Because that’s how long the journey’s been.”

And the actress has also opened up about her 22-year marriage to Will Smith, admitting there were “several occasions” where they nearly split.

Speaking on Monday’s episode of Red Table Talk, she added, “There have been several occasions where you just had enough and you want to leave and I just couldn’t. Or Will just couldn’t. Because we knew this was what was meant to be – this partnership. No matter what the form is. We had to redefine it. We don’t call ourselves married anymore. We’re in a life partnership. Will has loved me through the worst of myself and I have done the same. When someone can love you in that way, it makes your faith in the world come together in the way which is like – I am, this is and all is well.” – BANG!