Irish drivers warned over ‘no-deal’ Brexit as EU and UK talk

LONDON (AP) – Ireland’s deputy prime minister said on Thursday that the European Union (EU)wants to work with Britain to ensure there is a Brexit deal, as Irish drivers were warned they will need new paperwork to cross the currently invisible border to Northern Ireland if the UK leaves the bloc without an agreement.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland said it has supplied insurance companies with 1 million forms so customers can apply for the internationally recognised “Green Card” proof of insurance documents.

British drivers travelling to Ireland or other EU countries will also need the paperwork – just one of a host of new rules and hurdles citizens will need to negotiate if Britain crashes out of the bloc without a framework over its departure.

Currently, auto insurance in any EU country covers the whole bloc. If Britain leaves with a deal, there will be no change until at least the end of 2020.

Britain is due to leave the 28-nation bloc on March 29, but lawmakers have rejected the divorce deal Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated with the EU, raising the prospect of a chaotic “no deal” Brexit.

Governments in EU countries, as well as in Britain, have warned citizens and businesses to prepare for potential disruption to trade and travel as tariffs, customs checks and other barriers are erected between Britain and its biggest trading partner.

But UK authorities acknowledged this week that neither individuals nor businesses are ready for a “no-deal” departure, and “the short time remaining before 29 March 2019 does not allow government to unilaterally mitigate the effects of no deal.”

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