Investors learn more on Singapore stock market

Baiduri Capital continued its educational webinar series on the Singapore stock market, in line with its efforts of improving investors’ knowledge on the global financial markets.

Binni Ong, who has more than 15 years of experience in providing trading education to both institutional and retail clients, conducted the webinar titled Trade Idea Generation and Formulation of Trade Plans on Singapore Stocks.

She was previously invited to give similar seminars in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.
The webinar was the second in a series of educational webinars organised by Baiduri Capital in collaboration with SGX Academy, a leading provider of investor education and professional training based in Singapore.

The series is also part of Baiduri Capital’s fifth anniversary activities, aimed to increase awareness of its investment products and services.

The webinar provided participants with a better understanding of how to interpret technical aspects of investing such as technical charts, signals, and how to formulate suitable trade plans.It also gave participants an overview of trading strategies that focussed on these same aspects in relation to the Singapore stock market.

To aid the participants’ understanding, the speaker also included real-life case studies from various sources such as the SGX Daily Momentum Report, the SGX Institutional and Retail Fund Flow Weekly Tracker, and other reports from the SGX Research Team.

These were used to help identify potential trends as well as generate and the narrow trade ideas for the Singapore market.

General Manager of Baiduri Capital Peng Eng Soon said, “These kinds of educational webinars aim to equip our investors with a more global perspective and enhance their knowledge on regional and international market trends. We’ve received encouraging feedback so far and weare planning to continue webinars such as these in the very near future.”

He added, “Through our collaboration with an international investing education centre such as the SGX Academy, we are able to provide the latest insights and perspectives from industry leading experts.”

As part of the collaboration, SGX Academy has also agreed to provide a real-time price data feed to Baiduri Capital’s clients for the securities listing in the Singapore Stock Exchange for a period of six months, from October 1 until March 31, 2021.