Insta-worthy books spark interest in reading

This year, the Year 9 students were involved in a book project to capture an ‘Insta-worthy’ photo of a book that they were currently reading.

The purpose of this activity was to rekindle students’ interest in reading and to further consolidate the passion of avid readers. Instagram has taken the world by storm for many years, and ‘Book-stagram’ (or literary Instagram) merely combines the popular social media platform and existing online book blogging. One prominent feature of Book-stagram is that the photos curated generally look aesthetically pleasing for the sole purpose of captivating readers and non-readers alike.

In this project, students have also completed a reading response sheet as a final review of their book. While this project aims to transform the conventional method of consuming books, it has successfully brought all students together, to love and share their reads. Overall, everyone enjoyed the process and claimed that this activity has improved their reading habits.