Inspection finds workers in poor living conditions

Rokiah Mahmud

Fourteen law enforcement officers from the Labour Department and the Immigration and National Registration Department recently conducted a joint operation codenamed Operasi Bersepadu Sanggah 135/2020 on a dormitory for foreign workers in Kampong Pulaie.

Inspections found workers housed in poor living conditions, which undermined their safety and well-being.

Two of the workers were issued with special passes and brought to the Immigration and National Registration Department.

The joint operation aimed to ensure that employers are properly attending to the welfare and well-being of the workers in accordance with the requirements of the Foreign Workers’ Licence and the Employment Order 2009.

Under Section 80(a)(b)(c) of the Employment Order 2009, employers are obliged to provide clean, comfortable and safe housing for employees, while Section 81 (1)(2) requires that the building or living quarters must be clean and well maintained.

Failure to do so is an offence under Section 148, which is punishable by a BND3,000 fine or imprisonment of not more than one year, or both.

The Labour Department said, “The Labour Enforcement Division of the Labour Department will continue to conduct monitoring and joint operations with law enforcement agencies to ensure that employers always adhere to the rules and regulations under each of the agencies.”

To report violations of the Foreign Workers’ Licence, contact the Labour Department at 2381848 during office hours or at 7298989 after working hours.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show Operasi Bersepadu Sanggah 135/2020 at a dormitory in Kampong Pulaie. PHOTOS: LABOUR DEPARTMENT