Injecting Islamic values into tourism industry

Lyna Mohamad

The Brunei Association of Hotels (BAH) initiated a training programme on the incorporation of Islamic values into customer service in the tourism industry.

The training series saw its first instalment at Mulia Hotel on Thursday, facilitated by V Plaza Hotel.

Attendees were made up of 45 frontline employees at Parkview Hotel, StarLodge, The Lanes Hotel, Aman Hills Hotel, Times Hotel, Badi’ah Hotel and Mulia Hotel.

The Thursday session began with welcoming remarks from Mulia Hotel Operations Director and BAH President Mohd Iswandi bin Maaruf, followed by an introduction from V Plaza Hotel General Manager Tengku Taufiq Tunku Mahmud before V Plaza Hotel Room Division Manager Nur Sharida Hairi and colleague Nur Syahiirah Abdul Rahman facilitated the training.

According to Mohd Iswandi, applying Islamic values to the tourism industry not only elevates the quality of customer service in the sector, but it also creates a unique atmosphere for customers when interacting with tourism industry employees.

V Plaza Hotel General Manager Tengku Taufiq Tunku Mahmud presents an introduction to the training session. PHOTOS: LYNA MOHAMAD

The aim, he added, is to bring to surface the good qualities of the people of Brunei such as “trustworthiness, sincerity, dedicated, honesty, patience and generosity” which are in line with the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) philosophy.

Other important values to note, he said, are customs and conducts, including respecting the elderly, obeying the leader, and upholding values connected to the Bruneian identity.

“If we review moral values of Brunei, we will see it has a lot to do with ethical and cultural values of the nation,” Mohd Iswandi said. “Ethics is the responsibility and consequences of a person’s behaviour towards the society.”

Participants Paterik Karin and Abdul Muiz Tamit said the course helped them to hone their customer service skills. Meanwhile, Suriadi of Mulia Hotel expressed his appreciation for the training that allowed him to understand frontline responsibilities and the advantage of having a good attitude.

“It helped to become more aware of the importance of attending to guests from the Islamic perspective, that is, to ensure that customers and employees are well taken care of,” he said.

“It also encouraged us to come up with innovative ideas to develop the country’s tourism sector, and hopefully help to turn Brunei Darussaalam into a Halal hub.”

Participants Md Noor Haswandi, Nur Muhd Mu’izzddin and Darwin Ader from Parkview Hotel saw the workshop as informative.

“We were taught on how to interact with our guests, such as greeting them at the hotel vicinity,” they said.

Meanwhile trainers Nur Sharida and Nur Syahiirah believed that the training was beneficial for the youth as it also showed the participants how to incorporate the national philosophy into the job.