Infuriated over people defying quarantine orders

Given the growing number of COVID-19 cases, and sadly the increasing deaths in the country over the last few weeks, it was infuriating to read about some people defying their stay-at-home quarantine orders to go shopping.

The virus is spread through social contact, and it is extremely transmissible. The Delta strain has caused devastation in many countries. It is therefore highly irresponsible and extremely inconsiderate behaviour for a COVID-positive person to knowingly put other people’s lives at risk by leaving their home during the quarantine period for any reason.

It’s also rather unfair that many people, who have been doing their right thing by staying at home during their quarantine period, have now been impacted by the behaviour of a few people.

Countries such as Singapore and Vietnam have imposed harsh penalties for such acts by cancelling employment visas, stripping citizenship, imposing hefty fines and giving jail time, to deter behaviours that endanger others.

I hope that the authorities treat these violators in the strictest manner by imposing harsh penalties to send a strong message to anyone defying quarantine orders.

An Angry Resident