Industrial attachment essential for all IBTE programmes

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) would like to thank Ed for the letter ‘Create system to ensure IBTE students get best of vocational education and training’ published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on April 13, 2019.

Industrial attachment (IA) is essential for all Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) programmes.

It is a compulsory module that students have to undertake as one of the conditions for obtaining their qualifications.

Prior to the IA period, students would be trained and prepared with basic background familiarity and knowledge of skills and awareness required to join the Industry as part of the workforce.

With reference to a system that measures the credentials and credibility of host organisations in ensuring they meet the module intended learning outcomes, the organisations involved with IBTE students’ IA are chosen based on their ability to impart diverse knowledge and varied experiences to students that support the attainment of learning objectives in a safe and positive learning environment.

Some of these organisations are members of the IBTE Programme Development and Evaluation Committee (PDEC) that have been collaborating and guiding IBTE in the development of IBTE curricula, in accordance to the demand and requirement standards set by the respective sector.

The host organisations are briefed on the objectives, task lists and module requirement, prior to students’ IA start date.

During the IA periods, students are expected to record their feedback in their logbooks, as a requirement for the completion of their programme.

Their entries are done daily incorporating their understanding of the tasks and duties involved.

The students will also reflect on their skills and knowledge acquired for any particular activities during this time which are used to identify their weaknesses, and enhance their strengths.

These include observing activities and routines presented to them by these establishments.

Both IBTE and company supervisors maintain regular communications during the IA periods allowing updates on students’ performances.

However, the logbook serves as a reference for both IBTE and industry organisations to recognise any opportunities as well as shortcomings that both parties can leverage on and improve upon for their mutual benefit to gain different aspects and quality of the training provided.

These kind of observations allow students to test their knowledge in highlighting best practices and appreciating challenges that they face during the placement period.

The MoE would like to thank the writer once again for sharing his/her opinions and concerns.

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– Corporate Communications Division & International and Industry Linkages Division, Institute of Brunei Technical Education, Ministry of Education