Indonesia’s exports total USD15.27B in February

JAKARTA (XINHUA) – Indonesia’s exports in February were estimated at USD15.27 billion, up 8.56 per cent from a year earlier while down 0.19 per cent from January, the country’s central agency of statistics BPS said yesterday.

“Since November 2020 our exports have always grown positively on an annual basis. This is an exciting development,” the agency’s head Kecuk Suhariyanto told a virtual press conference yesterday.

Suhariyanto said non-oil and non-gas exports in February were recorded at USD14.40 billion, up 8.67 per cent from a year earlier while down 0.04 per cent from January.

The non-oil and non-gas exports accounted for 94.36 per cent of the Southeast Asian country’s total exports in February.

The official data showed China was the biggest buyer of Indonesia’s non-oil and non-gas products in February with a value of USD2.95 billion, followed by the United States (US) with USD1.86 billion and Japan with USD1.20 billion.

The three countries together accounted for 41.77 per cent of Indonesia’s total exports in February.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s exports to other Southeast Asian countries amounted to USD2.99 billion or 20.78 per cent, and the European Union (EU) USD1.13 billion or 7.84 per cent.