Indonesian lamb arrives on Brunei shore

Lyna Mohamad

The first batch of lamb from Indonesia arrived at the Brunei International Airport Cargo Centre last Saturday. The 370 heads were part of a consignment for 1,200 heads for December. Another 1,300 heads are already on the order for the January 2021 shipment.

The flock is of two variants from the crossbreeding of dorper sheep with a local breed, featuring several traits including adaptability and favourable meat content.

The sheep have been collected from farmers working in areas of Central and Eastern Java known for high-quality feed stock as well as ideal weather and favourable altitude for cattle rearing.

The consignment is made available through a contract between PDS Abattoir Sdn Bhd of Brunei and Koperasi Cita Berdikari of Indonesia, a cooperative supported by the membership of over 100 farmers strewn across the Java island.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Brunei Darussalam Dr Sujatmiko at the second shipment of lamb.

‘’I appreciate the Brunei Government’s continued support which made it possible for Indonesian farmers to play their part in fulfilling the market demand for lamb in the Sultanate,’’ said Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Brunei Darussalam Dr Sujatmiko.

‘’It is not business per se, but it is about our people sharing the sentiments in these difficult times, and extending help to each other. The recent delivery of lamb will immediately be used to meet the needs of Brunei which experienced supply disruption due to COVID-19.’’

He said this is a new milestone that exemplifies the close friendship and the common resolve to not let the COVID-19 disrupt progress.

At the same time, it is viewed that a better Indonesia-Brunei direct connectivity and a reduction in transport costs for sea and air cargo are key to expanding the trade, the ambassador said, calling on relevant parties in Brunei Darussalam to continue their support.

“Indeed, the embassy will always be ready to help pave the way for businesses in both countries to connect and work collaboratively for greater mutual benefit,” he said.