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Indiana boy rescued after getting stuck in tree rescuing cat

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A teenager who scaled a tree at an Indianapolis park to rescue a cat he spotted high up in the branches ended up stuck himself and in need of a rescue, officials said.

The 17-year-old boy was at Holliday Park on Indianapolis’ north side on Saturday afternoon when he saw the cat and decided to rescue it by climbing 10.7 metres into the tree, the Indianapolis Fire Department said in a news release.

The teen, identified in the release only as “Owen,” told firefighters “he was trying to do a good deed and bring the cat to safety,” wrote battalion chief and the department’s spokeswoman Rita Reith.

“While Owen had no trouble climbing up the tree – his positioning did not allow the same ease for getting down,” she added.

Firefighting crews were called to the park and they used a rope system to lower the boy safely to the ground about two hours later.


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