Independent coffee shops surge by 700pc in London

LONDON (XINHUA) – London has seen a 700 per cent increase of independent coffee shop outlets on the high street since 2010, according to the industry research group Allegra.

The number of “quality independent” coffee shops have risen from about 50 in 2010 to more than 400 in 2020, said the Allegra in a report.

Multinational chains such as Starbucks and Costa also saw a 57 per cent rise in the same period, with 2,195 franchises at present.

“Quality independents” include “micro-chain” brands such as Caravan, with six outlets in London, and Redemption Roasters, with nine, said the report.

“Londoners are looking for a more polished but still informal experience. The days of the grungy coffee shop are gone,” said Allegra CEO and founder of the London Coffee Festival slated for April Jeffrey Young.

Data from Allegra also showed that latte is the favourite coffee in the British capital, with 51.4 per cent of London residents saying they usually opt for one, said the English newspaper Evening Standard.