In the limelight again

James Kon

With the COVID-19 pandemic under control in China, Brunei’s very own superstar Wu Chun was given permission to fly to China two days after his birthday (October 12) to continue with his work.

Wu Chun has been in Brunei Darussalam with his family since the end of last year.

Since the travel ban was put in place in March, most of his work had been postponed.

After completing his 14-day quarantine in China, Wu Chun attended 19 events in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chang Sa, Cheng Du and Hunan.

A highlight of his trip was the launch of the Wu Chun wax figure at Madam Tussauds Museum in Shanghai.

Madame Tussauds, founded in 1800s, is a major tourist attraction which originated in London and now has 25 museums worldwide, 10 of which are in Asia, displaying the waxworks of famous and historical figures, as well as popular film and television characters played by famous actors.

He attended TV shows, charity events, commercial photo shoots and engagements including endorsements for Hugo Boss, one of the leading companies in the premium segment of the global apparel market, and Kohler Co, an American manufacturing company based in Kohler, Wisconsin founded in 1873 that has over 30 diverse brands in more than 50 countries.

FROM LEFT: Wu Chun with beluga whales; and Wu Chun with his wax figure at Madam Tussauds Museum in Shanghai.
Wu Chun during The Alibaba Double Eleven day event

He also attended The Alibaba Double Eleven day, a Chinese unofficial holiday and shopping season comparable to the Black Friday shopping season in the United States (US).

During an interview, Wu Chun said, “This pandemic has challenged and changed the way we work and live. My priority is to protect my family.

“During these times, it is difficult to take care of one’s mental health as lots of people have lost their jobs, including people in the entertainment industry. I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way and to be able to continue my work.”

Practising safety health precautionary measures, he said he is committed to being a responsible public figure and to end 2020 by doing his part and not disappointing his fans and the brands he has endorsed.

As the Ocean Protection Ambassador of Merlin Entertainments Group China, Wu Chun also participated in a photo shoot for a marine protection campaign.

According to a statement released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), climate change could severely affect many species which are already under stress from over fishing and habitat loss.

National Geographic has cited that more than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface is covered by the ocean and that scientists estimated about one million species live in the ocean. An example is the beluga whale. While beluga whales are not considered endangered species, the loss of habitat puts the beluga at risk.

Wu Chun said, “The ocean definitely puts food on the table and contributes so much to the economic activities worldwide. It’s alarming to know that marine animals are losing their habitat due to human activities. The safety of our environment depends on the health of the ecosystem. Let’s do our best to protect the marine life.”

In 2019, Wu Chun took part in the freeing of two female beluga whales, both 12-years-old, to their 9,000-kilometre and 30-hour-plus journey to a bay in Heimaey, one of the Westman Islands located off the southern coast of Iceland.

Wu Chun took his daughter Nei Nei to the event to teach her about the pressing issues that the marine life is facing and what people can do to help.

He also took part in a video conference call to motivate and applaud hundreds of frontliners in China. “We have a chance to do something extraordinary, everyday. As we head out of this pandemic, we can recreate the world to be kinder to each other. I salute these heroes for their dedication to save other people. These people are what our world needs more.”