In good company

Izah Azahari

The talents of local artists are undeniable as they continue to make their presence known in the creative industry, turning their work into a business venture.

To them, it’s about painting from the heart to produce intricately beautiful paintings that ease the mind of those who gaze upon them.

To the uninitiated, art may be an ‘ordinary’ thing; but to those who are interested, it can be something life-altering and extraordinary.

According to artist Rashidah binti Haji Yusof, “fine art is high in aesthetic value. In times of loneliness and depression, it can be a companion. When an artwork is being appreciated, it has the ability to eliminate fatigue,” said Rashidah in an interview with the Bulletin.

Although new to the world of art, the artist with a degree in interior architecture does not see being a late bloomer as a limitation to the contribution she can make to the creative industry. Like more veteran cohorts, pen and ink are constant companions.

One of Rashidah binti Haji Yusof’s artwork. PHOTOS: RASHIDAH BINTI HAJI YUSOF
Rashidah works on her art

The outpouring of inspiration in her artwork is certainly based on the collection of photos taken by Rashidah herself or others. Most of the images revolve interesting spots in the country, including buildings, monuments and historical sites.

The 27-year-old said that continuous training is a must, on top of not letting pride prevent her from reaching new heights.

Rashidah also shared her gratitude and joy in being able to witness the development of artists, be they veterans or newcomers, moving in tandem through local art exhibitions.

“I hope that the artworks produced by both myself and others would one day be used as references by future generations,” Rashidah said, adding that the aspiration is the reason that she gravitates towards “old buildings, iconic monuements and alleyways around the capital.”

Rashidah sees life as a blessing, and that “if there is nothing old, then there is nothing new; it is something we should hold onto in the world of art.

“Different people have different techniques and styles. Each artist has his or her own value system. The most important thing is to have a deep interest in the art you’re trying to create”.