Importance of donating blood during Ramadhan

|   Daniel Lim   |

THE importance of donating blood cannot be understated, especially during Ramadhan where not many blood donors are available.

As such, the Bulletin was able to follow up on a viral request made through social media about two female patients in the Belait District requesting a specific blood type due to health complications.

According to the Blood Donation Centre, more than 98 per cent of blood donors across the country are Rhesus (Rh) positive blood type.

The blood type the female patients were seeking for are Rh Negative, specifically blood group A and O Rh Negative (or A and O negative), a rarity in the country. Furthermore, the rarity extends across the Asian region, as 0.3 per cent are Rh negative blood type compared to the European population with 15 per cent.

The Blood Donation Centre encouraged donors to register with the centre to donate blood, no matter the blood type, as blood supplies are always in demand for those who need them across the country.

Individuals in the Belait District who wish to learn more as well as register to donate blood can approach the Blood Donation Centre of Suri Seri Begawan (SSB) Hospital, Kuala Belait during office hours.

Donating blood at Suri Seri Begawan (SSB) Hospital, Kuala Belait. – DANIEL LIM