Immigration law violater nabbed

Lyna Mohamad

A foreign male employed as a construction labourer was taken to the Law Enforcement Section of the Immigration and National Registration Department Kuala Belait yesterday.

Immigration law enforcement personnel nabbed him for not working according to the position stated in the work permit, violating Regulation 15 (3), Chapter 17 of the Immigration Act.

He was nabbed during routine operation Ops Langis JIPK 10 yesterday. Four officers from the section led by the senior immigration officer participated in the operation.

The man’s employer was also requested to report to the Kuala Belait Law Enforcement Section Office.

The acting chief immigration officer said enforcement activities have been increased through continuous monitoring, with operations and inspections carried out on their own or through joint operations with other law enforcement agencies.

The public can relay information at 8734888 or 8753888 in Bandar Seri Begawan or 8984111 (in Kuala Belait).

An officer speaks to the foreigner. PHOTOS: INRD
A foreigner employed as a construction labourer is nabbed during routine operation Ops Langis