Imams urge public to settle water bill, avoid wastage

Azlan Othman

In yesterday’s Friday sermon, congregants were reminded to pay their water bills on time and to avoid excessive water consumption.

“As responsible consumers, we must pay each bill within the specified time frame. Do not put it off, as it will accumulate and lead to more debt,” said Imams while delivering the sermon. “We have a shared responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of our water resources. Therefore, we should avoid polluting our water sources by dumping waste into rivers, seas and dams.

“The wastage of water should also be avoided. It must be known that the rate of water consumption in this country is the highest in the region.

“Domestic water consumption is estimated at 380 litres per person a day, whereas in neighbouring countries, water consumption is estimated at approximately 200-250 litres per person per day. This shows that water consumption among the population of this country is much higher than our neighbouring countries.

“One way to reduce this is to report immediately to authorities if a water leakage occurs. By doing so, we are carrying out our duties and responsibilities as concerned citizens in preventing the wastage of water.

“Let us give thanks for the favours that Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon us, by changing our attitudes; taking care to avoid wastage; and being patient during temporary water disruptions and prolonged rainfall which may cause discoloured, yellowish water.

“Let us all show gratitude and appreciation for all the benefits from Allah the Almighty, along with praying and hoping that these blessings will remain for us to continue enjoying them.”