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Imams urge people to protect Earth, environment

Azlan Othman

Imams during Friday sermons urged the Ummah to protect the Earth and environment. The message coincides with Earth Day celebrated on June 5 every year.

They said this year’s theme ‘Only One Earth’ emphasised that the Earth we live in needs responsible inhabitants. For quality life, it requires a clean and sustainable environment.

The Earth is a valuable gift and blessing from Allah the Almighty to all his creatures while all beings are dependent on its natural resources.

Imams highlighted ways to look after the Earth and environment – by having environmentally-friendly practices; changing the lifestyle to a more sustainable one such as recycling; reducing excessive electricity consumption; planting new trees to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; and reducing excessive consumption of food.

They also urged the Ummah to support eco-friendly brands or products as well as participate in activities beneficial for the environment.

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